Remote console and server management

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DRAC - Dell Remote access controller

Find DRAC IP from server

Requires OMSA installation

# racadm getniccfg

Find DRACs on the network

# nmap -n -P0 -sS -p 3668 -oG -|grep open
# nmap -n -P0 -sS -p 5900 -oG -|grep open

Some older DRACs may have no 3668 port open

Default password

root / calvin

List of ports to forward

22 Secure Shell
23 Telnet
161 SNMP (UDP)
3668 Virtual Media server
5869 Remote racadm server
5900-5901 Console Redirection

OMSA - OpenManage Server Administrator

Default: https://servername:1311

Controled via:



GSP/MP - HP Console Guardian Service Processor

Switch vpar consoles

Ctrl + a

Exit console mode

Ctrl + b

Default password

Admin / Admin

iLo - HP Integrated Lights-Out

Find all iLo's on the network

Script is here


List of ports to forward

80 - http
443 - https
17988 - remote media
17990 - remote console

ssh -g -L 80:${IP}:80 -L 3389:${IP}:3389 -L 443:${IP}:443 -L 17988:${IP}:17988 -L 17990:${IP}:17990 -L 23:${IP}:23 server


HP SMH - HP System Management Homepage

Available for Linux and HP-UX

Default: http://servername:2301 Redirects to secure: https://servername:2381

Partition manager: http://servername:2301/parmgr